Official Site of the Linux Foundation Master Licensee for South Asia - India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives & Pakistan

Linux Foundation Authorised Instructor (LFAI) for South Asia

The Linux Foundation is on the lookout for instructors based in India (and South Asia) who can conduct paid, quality on-premise corporate trainings.

If you think you qualify, we encourage you to register for the program. There is no fee associated with becoming an LFAI and we will provide you free access to relevant courseware.



  • Resume or a good LinkedIn page providing extensive details about your Linux experience, Linux certifications and any projects that may help us understand your candidature better.
  • LFAI are certified to deliver specific courses of the Linux Foundation. Please select the courses you wish to deliver from this list.
  • Written explanation on your skills that qualify you to be a world class instructor in the course(s) chosen above; do include your motivation in selecting each course you specify.


The Process

  • Interested candidates should fill out the LFAI application form at the bottom of this page.
  • Initial screening - based on your representations, we shall make a suitability assessment which shall be communicated to you by our South Asia staff.
  • Interview appointment - suitable candidate(s) will be required to then register on the foundation's website and request an appointment with our assessment team. Before this appointment, the you should familiarise yourself with the course catalog. During the phone discussion, Linux Foundation training materials, techniques and procedures will be discussed. In addition, the candidate will be assessed for their presentation and interpersonal skills.
  • The instructor candidate will be notified whether their application is successful or not via email.


Next Steps for Successful Applicants

  • Successful candidate(s) will be required to attend the following courses from the Linux Foundation:
  • Advanced Linux System Administration and Networking (LFS211)
  • LFCE Certification Exam Instructors will have 6 months to take and pass the LFCE exam.
  • If necessary, Essentials of System Administration (LFS201) will also be offered
  • The course fee and exam fee will be waived for the successful instructor candidate.
  • Post LFCE certification, the foundation will approve the LFAI application to teach courses on a case to case basis


LFAI Application Form


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